The World’s Largest Elevator: A Marvel in India


Located in Mumbai, India, the world’s largest elevator is a remarkable feat of engineering, capable of accommodating an astonishing 235 people at once! Installed by the Finnish elevator company KONE, this massive elevator serves the Jio World Center, a hub for conventions and events.

Key Features:

  • Capacity: 235 people
  • Weight: 16 tonnes
  • Support: 9 steel cables
  • Size: 25.78 square meters (approximately the size of a flat)
  • Glass walls: Offering stunning views of the building’s interior

Design and Purpose:

The Jio World Center, a convention center, required an elevator that could efficiently serve large groups attending weddings, exhibitions, and other events. This enormous elevator was designed to meet this need, featuring:

  • 18 large pulleys
  • 9 steel cables
  • Large rails mounted on steel columns


  1. Where is the Jio World Center located?
    The Jio World Center is situated in Mumbai, India.
  2. What is the purpose of the Jio World Center?
    The Jio World Center is a convention center hosting various events, including weddings and exhibitions.
  3. Who installed the world’s largest elevator?
    The Finnish elevator company KONE installed the massive elevator.
  4. What is unique about the elevator’s design?
    The elevator features glass walls offering breathtaking views of the building’s interior.
  5. How many people can the elevator accommodate?
    The elevator can hold an impressive 235 people at once.

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